Alcoport electronic breath tester

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Equipped with an electrochemical sensor, with a capacity of 1500 tests before calibration, ALCO-PORT 10 is a more economic  and more user friendly than the disposable breathalyzer.
Smaller than a smartphone, it allows you at any time to check your BAC.

Composition of the set

- 1 Electronic breath alcohol tester ALCO-PORT 10.
- 5 Mouthpieces.
- Battery.
- Carry pouch with a strap
- User guide

The breath tester ALCO-PORT 10 is certified NF X 20-704 Classe 2.



Certifications of the unit NF X 20-704 Classe 2 
Manufacturer certifications ISO 9001
Dimensions, cm 10.6 x 5.0 x 2.0
Weight, grams 90, with batteries
Operating temperature +10oC to +40oC
Storage temperature 0oC to +50oC
Warm-up  15 seconds
Breath sample 5 seconds moderate and continuous breath sample
Breath flow 10 L/min, detection of pressure and inerruption of breath.
Recovery time < 60 seconds
Unité de mesure mg/L
BAC readout format

mg/L of exhaled air from 0.00 to 0.24 mg/L of exhaled air,

sound alarm and the message «SUP» for results exceeding 0.24 mg/L.

Precision ± 0,025 mg/L at 0,20   mg/L
Display 3 digit LCD
Test memory N.A. / counter of the number of tests with calibration alarm
Power supply 2 AAA alcaline batteries
Nombre de tests / charge 500, Indicateur de batterie faible
Mouthpiece Single-use, disposable
Calibration Wet bath simulator. 12 months or 1200 tests. Countdown of the number of tests remaining before calibration (the unit locks itself after 1500 tests)
Origin Made in France


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