DriveSafe III electronic breath tester

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The new DRIVESAFE breath alcohol tester provides accurate results in seconds using ACS' newest electrochemical sensor and LCD display. DRIVESAFE has been trusted by transportation safety professionals for more than 20 years.


 New Electrochemical Sensor 

DRIVESAFE II is one of the very few breath alcohol testers engineered for the personal market that uses an electrochemical sensor. These sensors, also known as fuel cells, are known for their stability over longer periods of time resulting in higher accuracy levels and reduced calibration intervals compared to less sophisticated semi-conductor sensors*. Other benefits include less susceptibility
to false positives from substances such as acetones and hydrocarbons which typically register on semi-conductor sensors.

Three way Display

Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) results are displayed in three ways to ensure accurate interpretation by the user.
• A three digit display shows the numerical result similar to professional alcohol testers.
• The LED bar graph shows how the result compares with the total measurement range of the sensor (0 to 0.15 %BAC).
• A tri-colour LED backlight simulates a pass/warn/fail range in cases where the exact value is less significant than the range it falls within. Green is "pass", yellow is "warn" and red is "fail".

Variable BAC Formats

Since different countries use different BAC units of measurement, DRIVESAFE is capable of displaying six different BAC formats including:


• g/dL • g/L
• mg/dL • μg/L
• g/dL • μg/L

* All breath alcohol testing devices require periodic maintenance and calibration to ensure proper working order.



Dimensions, cm 13.7 x 5.9x 2.6
Weight, grams 155
Sensor ELECTROCHEMICAL (fuel cell)
Specificity Alcohol only, no response to ketones or hydrocarbon
Ambient temperature 0oC to +50oC
Purge cycle (Initial test) < 30 sec
Breath sample 5 second moderate and continuous breath sample
Analysis time < 10 sec
Recycle (Recovery) time 25 sec
BAC readout format g/dL, g/L, mg/dL, mg/L, μg/dL, μg/L
Range of measurement 0.00 – 1.50 g/L (0.000 – 0.75 mg/L)
Accuracy ± 5% @ 1 g/L
Display Tri-colour, 3 digit LCD with graph.
Last test recall ---
Battery 2 x AA
Number of tests / charge 1000 (new batteries)
Mouthpiece Disposable
Calibration Wet bath simulator
Origin Developed and manufactured in Canada
Manufacturer certifications TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001


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