Ignition interlock ALCOLOCK V3

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Alcohol Interlock Technology


ALCOLOCKTM V3 is the latest development in affordable, high technology alcohol ignition interlocks for commercial fleet use. It is installed directly to the vehicle’s ignition and electrical systems to accurately measure the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver and prevent the vehicle from being started if the BAC is over a pre-set level.




ALCOLOCKTM V3 includes a provision for hum tone detection as part of the methodology to prevent circumvention. The driver must provide a moderate continuous breath sample for five seconds and simultaneously hum to satisfy the breath test requirement. Additionally, the breath flow is monitored to ensure a proper sample has been provided before the alcohol test is engaged.

Running Retest


Depending on the setup, ALCOLOCKTM V3 automatically requires random retests to ensure the driver has not been drinking since the vehicle was first started. A tone will sound and “Retest” will be displayed to instruct the driver to stop the vehicle and provide another breath sample.


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