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ALCOHOL INTERLOCKS: Commercial Applications






About Alcohol Interlocks


Alcohol interlocks measure the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of a driver and prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver’s BrAC is over a predetermined limit. You can even customize the settings to meet your business requirements. The durable construction ensures reliability in all vehicles such as trucks, buses, ships, courier vans and taxis.


How it works:


Prior to starting the vehicle, the driver conducts a brief breath test by blowing into the interlock. The interlock senses whether the driver has been drinking and what the driver's exact BrAC is. If the BrAC is over a predetermined limit, the vehicle will not start.

Why Equip Your Fleet With Interlocks?


Anything you can do to reduce risk and increase safety is worth the investment. With an alcohol interlock from ACS, you can demonstrate your company's committment to both driver and public safety.



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Ignition interlock

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