Terms and Conditions


ABECQ s.a.r.l. is a France-based company specialised in sales and servicing of breath alcohol testing equipment for professional and personal use.

All the content on www.abecq.eu (the website) is the property of ABECQ s.a.r.l. and is subject to usual copyright restrictions. All information presented on the website is subject to changes without notice, and subject to typos, errors and other unintended mistakes.

Transactions through the website are subject to French laws on mail order sales. More generally, in case of any disputes with ABECQ s.a.r.l. the French law applies.


Confirmation of an order through the present website or any other means by a client implies total acceptance of current terms and conditions.

Photos are non-contractual - they may differ from the actual product in detailes and color.

The current conditions are subject to change without notice.


The Products are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. During the warranty period ABECQ s.a.r.l. agrees to replace or repair any unit or part that in its judgment is found to be defective, providing the defect is not due to damage or misuse.


Alcohol testers must be calibrated periodically to maintain their accuracy. Calibration frequency requirements depend on usage, and therefore will vary from case to case. It is generally advisable to have a unit checked for calibration accuracy on at least semi-annual basis. An immediate calibration check is recommended if at any time you suspect the unit may not be giving an accurate reading. Units in need of service or calibration should be sent prepaid to ABECQ s.a.r.l. or other authorized service center with an explanation of the problem.

Prices and Payment

All prices on the website are inclusive of French VAT but do not include delivery costs.

Online payments are carried out through the secure payment environment of PayPal, outside this website. By carrying out a transaction through PayPal you agree to the terms and conditions of PayPal. ABECQ s.a.r.l. validates the online order as soon as PayPal confirms the payment

All payment information, including credit card numbers are submitted directly to PayPal and do not pass through our website. Attention: ABECQ s.a.r.l. will never ask for your credit card information. Please never send us your credit card number and any other related information.


Items which are available on the stock are shipped within 1 working day after payment.

For commercial batches of merchandise we reserve from two to four weeks of delivery time after payment (our clients usually receive the merchandise under two weeks time).


Sale of the alcohol testers and accessories is on the express condition that neither the manufacturer nor the vendor of the device shall be held responsible for the accuracy of any breath test reading obtained from the device, nor liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting, directly or indirectly from the use thereof and accessories.